We sell Dubia Roaches with a variety choice of selection.

Breeding Sets

P1. Rm35nett**
15 Female + 5 Male 
50 Mix Nymph & Juvie

P2. Rm65nett**
30 Female + 10 Male 
95 Mix Nymph & Juvie

P3. Not Available
50 Female + 15 Male
150 Mix Nymph & Juvie 

P4. Not Available
90 Female + 30 Male
40 Juvie + 175 Nymph

P5. Not Available
180 Female + 45 Male
100 Juvie + 350 Nymph

Add-On Purchase

+ add Rm5nett
5gms of Crystal Gel

+ add Rm20nett
5gms of Crystal Gel
250gms of Roach Chow

+ add Rm35nett
10gms of Crystal Gel
500gms of Roach Chow

All Breeding Sets limit to 1 set per customer only.

Feeder Set

Nymph (Small)

Sub-Juvie (Medium)

Juvie (Large)

3cm Juvie Dubia Roaches

Note: Our feeder sets are sorted & randomly picked by hand. Size may be vary and all feeder set sold as unsex (0.0.x),


BDRM Premium Roach Chow

dubia roach chow food

Every purchase 250gms Roach Chow come with 5gms of Crystal Gel.

Crystal Gel (Water source)

Each pack contain 5grams of Crystal Gel.

Pre-Setup Enclosure

Dubia Roaches Enclsoure


Eggcrate Bundle

Our Eggcrate is brand new not used/recycled
“No C.O.D or Postage, Self collect only “

Buffalo Beetle (Cleaner Crew)

A natural way to keep the colony clean.
Refer Care & Guide section. 

Coming Soon

Stay Tuned!
We have more product coming soon.
We listened to your request.

Refer to Care & Guide or How To Order section for Further information.

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