Blaptica dubia roaches malaysia

Our company specialised in breeding & supplying Dubia Roaches.

"Dubia Roaches are the next level of feeders your pets need."
Zarin othman
Owner of BDRM

About us

We are based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, we sell all kind of Blaptica Dubia Roaches (Malaysia) needs. 

Here at BDRM, we prioritise
high-quality product full customer’s satisfactionBDRM was founded in 2010 by Izzrin Othman.

Blaptica Dubia Roach Malaysia


Dubia Roaches (Blaptica dubia), also known commonly as the Guyana Spotted Roach, 
It is the most excellent choice of feeder roaches for a variety of fish, reptiles & amphibians,

The high protein and outstanding nutritional value of Dubia Roaches make them a superior feeder insect,

Due to it is durability tends to last longer than Cricket, Mealworm & Superworm, reptile enthusiast chooses to switch to Blaptica Dubia Roaches Malaysia.

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Advantage Of Dubia Roaches

Dubia Roach Malaysia

Longer life span

Life span up to 2 years. Last longer than local conventional feeders.

Pesticides/Parasite Free

You dont need to worry pesticides/parasite infected your lovely reptile pets again.

Easy to take care

Could be store indoor. Odourless and soundless.

High in Nutrition

High in protein. Higher meat to shell ratio plus easy to digest.

Wallet Friendly

Once colony started to develop, you dont need to buy anymore feeders for your pets.

Variety of sizes

Sold in variety of size that suitable for your pets.

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Why choose us ?

We have been breeding Dubia Roaches since 2011.
As a breeder, we are aware that you might have exotic pets that eat like a food machine,which will most likely consume a huge amount of feeders.

In this case, we present the most reasonable price and provide an amazing After Sales Service. We also give information and guide on how to provide the best for your lovely pets.

Over several years of business, we have gained a lot of good and positive feedback from our customers with almost 5-star reviews on our facebook page.